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Machine Dance Communities?

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After posting a comment on a forum, I thought I might bring up a much larger issue among the machine dance community.

I encourage everyone, whether you are active in 4 panel, 5 panel, Roxor, Konami or Andamiro dance game titles: Please look this over and consider giving your thoughts or opinions? Try do so without any bias towards what you do appreciate

“Communities” seem to be very different from the machine dance communities 5-8 years ago. We now live in a time where people feel the need to over analyze materials and/or recreate with possible hurtful intentions. Maybe ego related? Why now when this wasn’t as much the case then?
For example – When something new is known or released (youtube) you immediately are presented with opinions whether you want them or not. While this isn’t wrong, it seems to start off negative quickly. Much more then it use to in the past years.

While this is common today, it’s just hard to see these differences effect everyone today. The communities seemed to be different in good ways many years ago. What creates this need for such verbal emotion today?

Has it become harder for somebody to accept something for what it is rather then how they think it should be? Does a person feel the need to makes others agree with their opinions more now than previously? Maybe the internet has created this “safe-bubble” for people to be more vocal then before?

Why are people often different in person from the opinions they post about on forums?

As the future progresses for”Machine Dance” videogame titles, everyones involvement in their community key and very important. Please take just a moment to comment on your memories and/or involvement that brought you to enjoy these games and this concept for what they are. As a community, let us all come together share the potential future together!

What do you want to see change? What did you like that attracted you originally? Where do you hope that these games can take us all in the future?


(your comments can help make a difference)

Kyle Ward Youtube’n It Up!

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Ladies and gentleman, it’s now time for me to officially use that obligatory “You Tube” account I signed up for ages ago. Why haven’t I done this sooner? Who knows… 🙂

Chris Foy and I decided to record some righteous, and totally bodacious videos over at Big Al’s this weekend. We captured a few of our Pump It Up Pro games, and decided to waste some of youtube’s bandwidth with them! Additionally, We ran into some other local Pump Pro players. The players have really started to expand in the Vancouver/Portland area. Check out some of the crowd shots from Big Al’s that night.

Pump Pro - Big Al’s #1Pump Pro - Big Al’s #2

Pump It Up PRO – Journey Progressive Course 99.07% (S)

Check out more videos from our play session HERE