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New 2008 CD release – “SCI Borg Volume 1”

SCI Borg - Volume1 CD image

I’m happy to announce a new CD release! The new “SCI Borg” series will kick things off with 12 hot tracks from the SCI Recordings database. Some of my newer material will also make a first appearance on this album. The special edition CD will first be released at the Positive Gaming concert in March 2008. We look forward to allowing all European attendees the first opportunity to own the album!

Zodiac featured in “Stop Motion” video project

I was recently contacted by Hahn Ting who gave me word that he had used Banzai’s Zodiac song in a short “Stop Motion” project.

His project video demonstrates “A look at the uglier side of life“. This is a very well done piece and I’m happy to see the emotions conveyed.

Be sure to check out the video on youtube HERE or below this entry. Please understand that this controversial video may be considered offensive to some people. Thanks for sending me the link Hahn. Enjoy! 🙂

Dedication video made for Smiley!

I was contacted by Rocco Wouters from The Netherlands. He sent me his comments and incredible dedication video to Smiley. My Thanks goes out to him for his efforts towards the sand monument and dedication to Smiley’s music.

It’s very nice for people to send me their projects like this. It’s what drives me to keep making music everyday for people out there! 🙂

[flv width=”400″ height=”300″][/flv]

Infektami by DJ Deadly

I’m very happy to share with you a remix that was emailed to me from DJ Deadly. He’s been kind enough to share his mash-up mix of Inspector K’s Infection and KaW’s Kagami. I’ve added the mix to the remix section available in the downloads section on the site. Thank you for supplying us with your mix DJ Deadly! 🙂

SCI Recordings goes LIVE on Beatport

I’m happy to report that SCI Recordings catalog is now “live” on Beatport, the recognized leader of electronic music downloads. Beatport offers content in premium-encoded formats that match the quality standards of the world’s leading sound systems. This alliance helps solidify SCI Recordings in the world of electronic/ dance music.

Please check out SCI Recordings current releases (& future releases) on Beatport today!