I’m pleased to say that the ATEI 2008 show went very well this year. Thanks goes out to all the UK players and locals I met. London is incredible place!

Here are some highlights & pictures from the trip:

Pump It Up PRO - ATEI 2008
Players + Crowd building at ATEI 2008 – I was told this was the largest crowd for any dancing game they’ve ever seen)

London Traffic
What’s wrong with this picture? I was almost killed by the London traffic. Be sure to look LEFT when crossing the road in the UK 🙂

100% at the start of the day!
It’s never bad to start off the show day with a 100%!

The “Pump It Up Family” together in sequence!

DDR UK People
DDRUK Staff. You guys rock, thanks for coming by! 

I’ve posted more pictures via my myspace page. If you’d like to see more of my pictures from the ATEI 08 show, but sure to CHECK IT OUT HERE.

I look forward to helping bring Pump It Up Pro to the UK through United Distribution Corp. UDC remains strong and fully committed to helping push Pump Pro support throughout the UK with Andamiro. Thanks goes out to the players of the UK, thank you for coming to ATEI and meeting us! 🙂


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