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PIU Pro 2008 Las Vegas Tournament Aftermath

The first annual PIU Pro tournament was held in Las Vegas on September 13 at the Las Vegas Marriot.

The tournament followed the AMOA trade show and was ran in our new “Iron Man” format.  The tournament tested skills in all aspects of Pump Pro game play. The competition was fierce and a big congratulation goes out to all of the competitors. The final results were as follows:

1. JBoy – 465pts
2. starfalcon176 / Sean – 410pts
3. Kilroy / Zachary – 376pts
4. Ruzy / Kyle – 325pts
5. s34n / Sean – 289pts
6. Xero / Michael – 259pts
7. Jeremy – 247pts
8. ddrm / Matt – 238pts
9. Jeremy Ca$h – 218pts
10. Alex – 205pts
11. JOKR / Aleta – 188pts
12. Danny – 177pts
13. Boo / Kristina – 157pts
14. VivaR32skylines / Gordon – 146pts
15. Stabbie – 111pts

Pump Pro Tournament winners
Las Vegas Group Photo

Here is some lovely video of “warmup” captured by s43n.  Enjoy!  🙂

Thank you to everyone who attended!

KaW feat Sam-I-Am – Move It Groove It

Move It Groove It - KaW feat. Sam I Am
This was announced at SCI Recordings recently, but I figured I would also post it here for users of this site.


SCI Recordings is pleased to announce a new KaW single “Move It Groove It” featuring the one and only Sam I Am on vocals. Fans of Pump It Up NX will remember Sam I Am from the popular song Sam I Am & Haley. This new collaboration is featured in the brand new Encore content pack for Pump It Up Pro and is available for listening & download now in the SCI Recordings Store.

Sam and I Hope you enjoy the new track!