ReRave BadgeIt’s been a very busy last couple months as I’ve worked with our software team to prepare our ReRave 1.0. 4 arcade patch for deployment this week.

Features in ReRave 1.0.4:

  • Attract time has been revamped and is now swift to attract new plays.
  • Coin debounce time improved based on location feedback
  • Improved wifi connection protocol & methods that could cause re-connections or phantom disconnections from Networks.
  • Location Name length; Machine location name can now use up to 32 characters for name entry.
  • Collection/Stats “Reset All” toggle no longer resets “Credits All-Time” value.
  • Fixed Profile “New Record” indicator on results screen from sometimes not showing when new personal records are achieved.
  • Improved motion background logic to improve frame rates during some menus
  • Huge Improvements to graphical performance and overall game-play frame rates!

Aside from these exciting improvements to the software, we’ve been working on A LOT of new music releases for the arcade & iOS.  We’ve also been following up with our player feedback via the ReRave Song Submission form.  Be sure to check it out and suggest songs that you would like to see in ReRave!

The weather continues to improve here in the Northwest for the Spring season.  It’s nice to see some sun every now and then!  🙂   OK… Back to work for me!

Kyle A Ward

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