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StepManiaX finally starts to make it’s way to the market!

After several years of development, we have finally started to make StepManiaX and the hardware available to users for purchase.  It feels so great to be reunited with several of my old colleagues who have joined me in the production.  After 5 minutes of listing our stages online, they were sold out!

Designed for: Fun and competitive step-based Exergaming for Home, Fitness, Education, E-Sports and Family Recreation Centers.  StepManiaX is a universal all-in-one system featuring the latest generation of step-based Exergaming by Step Revolution. StepManiaX utilizes a pressure based platform that users step on to the beat of music.


Dance Gamers – Valentines Day 2016

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Quarter notes are red, Eighth notes are blue, Sometimes the incorrect offset can make it different for you!

Returning to Dance Games!

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2016 is the year that I return to dance game development once again. What was once never thought possible is happening.
Step Revolution’s new dance platform took over 9 months of development which tested multiple things like piezo, strain gauge and optical technologies. It’s also extremely compact, durable and practically bulletproof.
No dance pad technology from the last 10 years compares to how this operates. You can say good bye to brackets, switches and traditional metal contacts!

I can promise that players will be amazed at all the capabilities and versatility with the design once it is known – which also relates to how it can be used and with what.
You can look forward to this and much more coming in 2016!

Kyle A Ward Youtube Videos?


Lately people have suggested that I consider producing a regular VLOG or YouTube channel.  I’m definitely considering it as it would provide viewers with regular updates about projects – in addition to a look into my crazy lifestyle.  🙂
What do you think?  Is it something that you would like to see?  Let me know!

Revo from Step Revolution

Revo from Step Revolution
A lot of great developments continue at Step Revolution right now!

We just launched REVO.  REVO is a device that allows person or business to unlock the potential from smart phone applications in an industrial environment.  Think of it as a way to create an appliance for your apps!

Who is Revo useful for?
Schools, Day Care, Gyms, Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, Museums, Training facilities or Public Events at Conventions (just a few ideas)

REVO immediately provides a way to utilize smart phone applications intended for tablets and phones, in a variety of settings.  It is the ultimate way to experience Android apps.
Not familiar with Android?   No problem!  Supply your own CPU or hardware and utilize other operating systems or software – There are no limits!