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The Imminent “Future”

Recently posted to my facebook and certainly applicable to what is to come…

What will Be?


It’s fun for me to see what “ITG” & “Stepmania” players have accomplished in step sequences from the original “mine” and “rolls” concepts back in the ITG development days. I guess it was actually a good idea eh? 🙂 There was a time in the past when people were negative at these innovations… Glad to see the times have now changed!

Every person in the community is responsible for making it what it is…  People will always continue to innovate and change the future that sometimes deviates from what others envision before us.
The exciting part of being an “innovator” is sitting back and seeing people thrive off these original ideas…  You can’t possibly describe how amazing it is to see something change the future and mark a standard for people globally.
I’m extremely excited to soon be able to bring another “spark” that could excite people and impact the market once again.  The days of my excitement are hard to contain as this new “innovation” comes to light.
I’m not trying to create “hype” or an empty promise by my words –  I’m just extremely excited to be doing my part to keep the “rhythm game” community migrating thriving into the future.

ITG in the mountains!

We decided to have some fun this weekend.  CHECK IT OUT!

Facebook photo album is available HERE

Vote For Your Favorite Songs!

I’d like everyone to participate in an exciting new study!  READY?!
Ok, so it’s really just a poll…   🙂

Please participate and tell your friends to cast their votes!  You can choose up to 10 songs from each list.  Vote directly and supply additional comments (if you desire to do so).  Maybe you liked the step(s) concept/style with the music.  If you don’t specify, it is assumed that you appreciate the song for the music/sound.
Thank You to everyone who supplies their input



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In The Groove 3 being released with cooperation from Konami Global amusement JP

EDIT – Sorry folks, APRIL FOOLS

I’m happy to announce that today is a historic event in dance gaming history.  Last night  (10:56 pm) March 31th 2009 We have began to re-develop and reconstruct the In The Groove 3 project in  cooperation with Konami.  Yes that’s right, ITG3 is  finally set to be released! “In The Groove 3” will make an appearance at next years AMOA show in Las Vegas Nevada 2010.

In The Groove 3

After the months of emails and fan requests, Konami has finally decided to react to your feedback.  I will keep people updated with any new developments about the project here.  This is the beginning of a new EVOLUTION for In The Groove!

Kyle Ward – Best of FFR Compilation Album

So, have you always wanted your favorite KaW songs from ITG or FFR to listen to anywhere?  Now is your chance!  SCI Recordings and Flash Flash Revolution are now working together to supply you with all your favorite hits of the past! The first FFR compilation album features 12 of your favorite songs across all of the aliases AND 2 bonus tracks from Oscillator-X.  All yours for $8.99.

Track list:
Banzai – Anubis
Banzai – Zodiac
Inspector K – Disconnected
Inspector K – Infection
Inspector K – Tension
KaW – Kagami
KaW – Take Me Back
KaW vs Smiley vs Inspector K – Duality
K-Bit – Robotix
Smiley – Delirium
Smiley – Destiny
Symphonious – Tell (Extended Mix)
Oscillator-X – Dance All Night
Oscillator-X – Style On My Speed Dial

Flash Flash Revolution users can purchase the album immediately! To activate the token and download your purchase, go to this page.