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Because of my work schedule with ReRave and Oscillator X it has left me with very little time to maintain this website.  Well… I’m going to try to change that!
Within the next few weeks I hope to finally work on this site and give it a much needed update.  It is my plan to also include more of the  “behind the scenes” of my life (for anyone who cares) so that people can get to know me better and get the inside scoop to things I work on.  Recent emails have indicated that I’m not doing a very good job of keeping people updated with “stuff.”  I’m sorry!  🙂

What does that mean?  I hope to turn this more into a personal reflection of topics and posts that relate to me or various things I work on.
Hoping to include Youtube  links and make an effort to make a weekly post.  More to come…  (hopefully)

Rant :: Negative Music Game Community


Recently I’ve noticed a small amount of comments in the music gaming industry that seem to target products or are used as negative pathways for debates.

Comments like “This game is like that game so it’s a rip off!”

But why?  What does this solve?  Is that the worst feedback you can come up with?
Why does this problem seem to specifically target the music game genre but not others?  When is the last time someone tried to prevent Unreal Tournament from existing after id Software’s Quake3?  What are your thoughts on this?

Let’s make some comparisons to these other titles.  (Past favorites –  2d side scrolling)

Super Mario Bros.  
Sonic the Hedgehog
Crash Bandicoot
Kirby’s Adventure  

Are these games similar?  Absolutely…  What’s your point?
Are they fun?  Yes
Do they all have reasonable following?  Yep
Are they able to coexist in the market?  It seems so… I can’t remember the last time a fan of the Kirby series tried to make negative comparisons towards Mario Bros. for being “first” or being a similar type of game.
Did fans of Kerby try to prevent others from enjoying Crash Bandicoot?  No… Not at all.  Why would they?
With Regards to this issue, comparisons seem to be a common occurrence of debating and negative vocal ammunition towards products.  So what is the purpose?

For the small amount of people that prefer to sit back and do this (on private forums) by all means, have fun with that.   You can continue with this behavior as long as you like, but it won’t have an impact on the market or the sales numbers for a new product.  You don’t have to “like” a new product, but it seems silly for you to try to prevent others from enjoying something that they might enjoy.  You should consider offering constructive feedback that helps benefit the community and the products in the future.

This topic wasn’t directed towards a specific person/reference… It’s just a gentle reminder to not be so close minded towards new products that may (in your opinion) seem similar to others.  You should consider trying something before having a complete opinion.

New Oscillator X Site & KW Updates!

Oscillator X

I’m pleased to announce a brand new Oscillator X website! If you follow me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK, you’ve probably already seen the news about this.

The new site will be a very streamlined resource that (hopefully!) offers a simple interface that everyone will want to see (and hear) in one place.  We’ve made sure to keep things simple and without all the “flashy crap” that no one cares about anyway!   We hope to upload video, pictures, blogs and goodies to share with all the people who support our music.  Maybe you’ll learn more about us then you’d like to eh?  🙂  John and I welcome any feedback as we continue to tweak the site.  Please stop by and check it out and be sure to sign our OSCILLATOR X GUESTBOOK.

I’m also pleased to include that we’ve started off 2010 with a bang this year at SCI Recordings.  John Mendenhall and I plan to release a new Oscillator X CD by March 2010 and will spend additional time occupied with shows.  (things are already booked and getting more booked daily!)  We are excited for the upcoming CD and hope that  people will also enjoy our sound as it continues to develop.  This is really looking to be excellent year for Oscillator X Music.  Thanks to all our fans who’ve stuck by us and continued to inspire us to keep doing what we love.  Why do we continue?  Because we keep hearing from everyone about how they enjoy the songs and shows of course!  🙂

Additionally, I HAVE NOT forgotten about the my music roots from the alias projects.  One of my resolutions this year was to produce more of the stuff that you guys love.  I will soon finish up ENIGMA by Banzai and immediately start on fresh Smiley productions for the 2010 year.  I appreciate everyone being patient with me as my time goes towards OSX and iDANCE these days.  You will see another solo album released this year – It is my promise to myself and all the people who follow my music!

Positive Gaming - iDANCE

Stay tuned for iDANCE version2 news.  Our release date is near with the project and I know you guys are going to love it!  We are working on a new website and new media to compliment the game release.  More information will be released soon so keep an eye out for it.  2010 is going to be a great new year for rejuvenating 4 panel dance games!

Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy 2009 Halloween to all!   This is actually more scary then it looks…

(insert evil thriller laugh here)

Banzai is back!

After all the countless contacts & emails I’ve been receiving from loyal music fans; I’m happy to announce that new singles are in the works!  Banzai is back with a brand new ethnic theme called “Land of the Lost”.  Will we see the original demo of Enigma surface soon?  I think so!

Because of the recent success of iDANCE and Oscillator X, solo studio time continues to be difficult to schedule.  However, do not fear because  you’re comments have been heard.  You will see new releases in the next few months by the familiar alias projects!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my music productions and and keeping me doing what I love.  I could not possibly thank all of the people who have helped contribute to to my musical inspirations and project decisions over the years.   I look forward to releasing new tunes and continuing to share them with you all.  Cheers!  ~Kyle

Banzai - EP Cover

Banzai – Land of the Lost (lofi) preview