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Developments Continue

ReRavePlus Android on Galaxy Note3
ReRave Plus Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note3

It is exciting to start off the new year with several new developments at Step Revolution.  We are now very close to finishing the alpha state for the much anticipated ReRave Plus Mobile for Google Android.  We will be providing a sneak peak of ReRave Plus Android in March at a popular event.  More details will be revealed later!

In addition to ReRave Plus, there are other developments towards NEW Step Revolution products.  I will also be making a return to the studio and provide some new music – yeah, it’s been awhile!

Keep an eye out as more will be revealed in Q2 of 2015.  The fun and creation never stops around here!

ReRave Plus Available Now!

ReRave Plus


Step Revolution is proud to present ReRave Plus a new dedicated machine providing the ultimate ReRave Experience.  For pricing, additional information, and upgrade kit options, visit

 #ReRavePlus is in very high demand and we are building them as fast as we can. These first machines are shipping to customers who preordered and we’ve even signed them to make the first batch extra special!

ReRavePlus Cabinets ReRave Plus Cabinets - Signed_2 ReRave Plus Cabinets - Signed

Getting to the finish line with ReRavePlus!

I’m very excited about the response with #ReRavePlus so far.  It’s really turning out to be worth the long wait that never seems to end.  The android port continues to go well – I’m as eager as anyone to see it finally complete!   The entire foundation of ReRave Plus has since been redesigned since the initial launch of the concept in March 2011.  I’m extremely pleased with the new software as well as the results of the production cabinet so far.  A lot of people have helped make it possible!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the final production ReRavePlus cabinets being built at the factory.

ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet 2

Interviewed by

I was recently interviewed by  You can read the entire interview online here.  Big thanks to Zeeshan and the Celebrity Dialogue crew for the opportunity!

Building something new!

A look at something new that I’ve been spending a lot of time on.

This year has been busy as ever when it comes to work.  A lot continuing to go on in in all areas – Music and Game related of course!
Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the future when this is unveiled because a lot of hours have been spent with the initial design.
Can’t wait to see the reaction from people with the finished product   :-)