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ReRave Plus Available Now!

ReRave Plus


Step Revolution is proud to present ReRave Plus a new dedicated machine providing the ultimate ReRave Experience.  For pricing, additional information, and upgrade kit options, visit

 #ReRavePlus is in very high demand and we are building them as fast as we can. These first machines are shipping to customers who preordered and we’ve even signed them to make the first batch extra special!

ReRavePlus Cabinets ReRave Plus Cabinets - Signed_2 ReRave Plus Cabinets - Signed

Getting to the finish line with ReRavePlus!

I’m very excited about the response with #ReRavePlus so far.  It’s really turning out to be worth the long wait that never seems to end.  The android port continues to go well – I’m as eager as anyone to see it finally complete!   The entire foundation of ReRave Plus has since been redesigned since the initial launch of the concept in March 2011.  I’m extremely pleased with the new software as well as the results of the production cabinet so far.  A lot of people have helped make it possible!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the final production ReRavePlus cabinets being built at the factory.

ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet 2

Interviewed by

I was recently interviewed by  You can read the entire interview online here.  Big thanks to Zeeshan and the Celebrity Dialogue crew for the opportunity!

Building something new!

A look at something new that I’ve been spending a lot of time on.

This year has been busy as ever when it comes to work.  A lot continuing to go on in in all areas – Music and Game related of course!
Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the future when this is unveiled because a lot of hours have been spent with the initial design.
Can’t wait to see the reaction from people with the finished product   :-)

First Annual “Beat The Developers” Tournament

Beat The Developers

I’m very pleased to announce the first annual “Beat the Developers” global rhythm game tournament.  This unique event will be your only opportunity to finally compete against the developers and prove you are a better person. (because of the ability to achieve a high score)

Location:  Vancouver, Washington – United States of America
Date:  November 20th, 2013
Prize(s):  In The Groove 2 (Dedicated Cabinet), Pump It Up Pro (FX), ReRave Arcade, Signed Oscillator X Keytar, $5 USD, Unique Opportunity! (see information below)
More Details To Be Announced


• All events will be run on In The Groove 2 Arcade r21, Pump It Up Pro R2, ReRave (version 1.1.0)
• There will be custom songs allowed in the tournament, although the variety is limited.
The songs for this pack will be chosen by the tournament committee, and announced on 1st June 2013.
Players will then be able to download this song pack in order to practice these Custom Songs.
• The usage of the bar at no-bar-tournaments is only allowed to keep one’s balance.
The maximum allowed time for using the bar in such case is two seconds.
Any usage beyond this results in receiving 0 points for that round.
• Any visual modifier is allowed as long as it does not change the step-chart.
• Any speed modifier is allowed except for C-Mods in songs that have BPM changes or stops.
• Constraining or disturbing a player will result in disqualification.
• A player may request the repetition of a match if there’s a definite recognizable malfunction of the
machine. In this case, a judge assigns the player to play the song again.

Note:  Tournaments will be simultaneously ran on all machines!

For KOTH, players are trying to get the best possible score of the round; not just a better score compared to
one opponent but the best score among all players.

For all KOTH rounds players will be presented with a small selection of songs. Players can pick ANY song
they wish from the selection. All songs are worth equal points. Players will be strictly ranked on the
percentage they receive for that round regardless of the song that they played.

The list of songs for tournament play will be published on after the pre-registrations are over. Additionally, the song-list will be sent to each player by email that pre-registers.
In every round, all players will compete against each other, will be ranked, and will be awarded points based
on rank. As the discipline progresses, the players with the lowest overall point totals of that discipline will be
cut between rounds.

In case of ties for the total score around the 16th rank after the KOTH part of a discipline, all affected players
have to play one or more rounds in KOTH-style to determine who can enter toe SEL-part.
Upon completion of the KOTH part of the discipline, the top 16 players (based on the points awarded for
each round in KOTH) will be seated in a single elimination bracket where the #1 player faces #16, #2 faces
#15 and so on

In the case of a tie for last place during a round, both players will be allowed to advance to the next round.
e.g. all but 32 players are to be cut and players 32 and 33 tied, both players 32 and 33 will advance to the
next round.

Players with a higher points total are allowed to select which side (left/right) they want to play on.
Players who fail a song are always ranked lower than players who pass the song. Otherwise, the
percentage-score is used to determine the outcome. Tied players receive the same amount of points for that
NOTE: for the double disciplines only the top 8 players will advance to SEL instead of the top 16 players.

Initial Song Selection: Each player chooses 1 song they wish to play (any song, any difficulty *with the exception that no charts below level 7 are allowed*). If after playing these two songs the players are tied, then a third tie-breaking song will be played Tie-breaking songs: A random song will be selected that is the average difficulty of the songs both players picked then round rounded up. E.g., if player 1 picked a 13 and player two
picked a 9 (total of 22), then the tie-breaking song will be a random 11.

Veto power: Each player is allowed one veto in every tie-breaker. This means that when a song is chosen at
random either player may request to play the selection of a new random song. Players can not save up vetos, they simply have the option to use one or not in every tie-breaking round.
Players may only not choose to play the same chart more than once during an entire discipline. If a player
was required to play a chart, they still have the choice to choose to play the chart in the single elimination
section. E.g., Charlene Ex was selected as a random song earlier in the discipline. The player may have
played this song, but they did not “choose“ to play it, thus they still have the “choice“ to chose this as a song
later in the discipline.

Semi Finals: The players will both pick two songs. They will proceed to play all four songs they have selected.
However if one of the players wins the first three songs the match will end immediately and a winner will be
declared, otherwise all four songs will be played.
If player A wins two songs, while player B only wins one song and ties one song then player A is the winner.
If there is a tie after four songs (2 wins to 2 wins, or 1 win 1 tie to 1 win 1 tie) then random songs will be used
for a tie breaker. The first player to win a total of two random songs will be declared the winner.

Winning a discipline: As in any single elimination bracket, the only player who wins all the matches (and
thus never gets eliminated) is declared the winner of that discipline.
Acquiring points: Each round players earn points depending on how well they did,
they need to not only try and do better than the player next to them, but to do better than the entire field during the king of the hill portion of the event.
The winner of the discipline will be ranked #1, the other player in the final match will be ranked #2.  All other players will be placed in a descending order to compete in the “Finals” round.

In The Groove


Each ranked player will compete against a developer for the final round – competing for points in a round robin configuration.  Because each developer is immune and “godlike,” players will need to think of strategies to overcome each match.  Using techniques such as: Hitting, Excessive Swearing, Praising or Unsportsmanlike conduct is strongly advised.

* Note:  In the rare case of a round tie, special guest “John Mendenhall” will appear for an extra sudden death challenge round.

john mendenhall







1st Place (total points):  In The Groove 2 (Dedicated Cabinet), Pump It Up Pro (FX),  ReRave (Arcade Cabinet)
2nd Place (total points):  $5 usd
3rd Place (total points):  The opportunity to shake each developers hand, receive autographs and participate in special “machine breakdown & cleaning” for 1st place prize winner.


During each round, participants will have the opportunity to take part in a special “learn how to play keytar” Kumbaya session with John Mendenhall.  Players who demonstrate “extraordinary skill” will have the option to enter a $13.37 raffle for their chance to take home an authentic autographed Oscillator X keytar.