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The Imminent “Future”

Recently posted to my facebook and certainly applicable to what is to come…

What will Be?


It’s fun for me to see what “ITG” & “Stepmania” players have accomplished in step sequences from the original “mine” and “rolls” concepts back in the ITG development days. I guess it was actually a good idea eh? 🙂 There was a time in the past when people were negative at these innovations… Glad to see the times have now changed!

Every person in the community is responsible for making it what it is…  People will always continue to innovate and change the future that sometimes deviates from what others envision before us.
The exciting part of being an “innovator” is sitting back and seeing people thrive off these original ideas…  You can’t possibly describe how amazing it is to see something change the future and mark a standard for people globally.
I’m extremely excited to soon be able to bring another “spark” that could excite people and impact the market once again.  The days of my excitement are hard to contain as this new “innovation” comes to light.
I’m not trying to create “hype” or an empty promise by my words –  I’m just extremely excited to be doing my part to keep the “rhythm game” community migrating thriving into the future.

James Ko leaves Andamiro USA to form “Pipeline Games Inc”

My condolences to Mr. James Ko and Andamiro USA –  Recently, Ko announced that he was leaving Andamiro USA to focus on his new coin-op amusement company, ” Pipeline Games INC”
I wish you the best with your new venture Mr. Ko!  –  Thank you for the support that you gave to the In The Groove series in 2005 and Pump it Up Pro 1 in 2007.
sept-16th-2005-itg@AMOA  Kyle Ward & James Ko

source: ARCADE Heros

Vote For Your Favorite Songs!

I’d like everyone to participate in an exciting new study!  READY?!
Ok, so it’s really just a poll…   🙂

Please participate and tell your friends to cast their votes!  You can choose up to 10 songs from each list.  Vote directly and supply additional comments (if you desire to do so).  Maybe you liked the step(s) concept/style with the music.  If you don’t specify, it is assumed that you appreciate the song for the music/sound.
Thank You to everyone who supplies their input



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2009 updates – Pump Jump at ATEI 2009

The time has been going so fast lately…  It’s hard to believe it’s 2009 already.  What happened to all the 2000 years eh?   🙂

As you may have noticed, my posting frequency has diminished in the recent months.  Most of this is due to a lot of “work” related things I’ve been up to lately.  There is a lot of stuff coming up in this 2009 year!  Here are a couple things I’d like to update my site followers with:

1)  Pump It Up Jump will finally be displayed!  The first showing of Pump Jump will be at the ATEI 2009 show in the UK.  I will not be present for the 2009 ATEI show, but the game will finally be displayed for respective buyers since we began development  on the title in the 2008 year.   Why has it taken this long?  Our team has been busy working with Andamiro Korea to insure that the title will be a good earner for locations.  Watch out for Pump It Up Jump at a kid friendly location near you in 2009!  🙂

2)  Oscillator X is responsible for taking up a lot of my time recently.  Our new “Dynamo” single has started to make it’s way to several dance radio outlets all over the world!  We’ve also had an incredible success with the “Techno ~ Techyes” album.  Thank you to everyone who pruchased a copy and helped support Oscillator X’s first release!  Please be sure to contact us and give your inputs and suggestions on future material.  As you can expect, we have been planning more Oscillator X hits in the 2009 year!

Watch out for information about  live shows this year.  Keep you browsers “tuned” to SCI Recordings for all these updates.  I’ll also do my best to supply my site readers with updates.  We Expect Oscillator X to continue it’s success in the 2009 year and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

3)  As some people have noticed, Snake360 appears to be doing very well for Aaron Teplitsky.  Followers of KaW music will be happy to know that he has licensed several tracks and they can be heard in this new fantastic take on a classic favorite.  If you have an Xbox360, check it out immediately.

4)  Snowball Runner has also taken off rather quickly.  This new Apple Iphone favorite has been doing very well in the Itunes store.  SnowBall Runner recently made overal top 100 paid apps from itunes.  A very addicting game indeed.

There are additional projects going on that I’m not able to give full details on at this moment.  So far the 2009 year is off to a great start!    You can expect to hear more as the releases become closer.  Some news you might not have even expected…

I hope everyone had a good holiday breaks  and that you are ready for the 2009 year.   Let us all hope for much success and inoovation in this coming year.  🙂

New Pump Pro Website

We’ve recently upgraded Pump It Up Pro’s website.  We hope this new interface will help improve the support system for owners who have purchased a Pump Pro Machine. You can see it live HERE

In addition to this site, we are also in the process of setting up a player “wiki” so that players can enter information about Pump Pro and help other community members with information about PIU Pro.