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Getting to the finish line with ReRavePlus!

I’m very excited about the response with #ReRavePlus so far.  It’s really turning out to be worth the long wait that never seems to end.  The android port continues to go well – I’m as eager as anyone to see it finally complete!   The entire foundation of ReRave Plus has since been redesigned since the initial launch of the concept in March 2011.  I’m extremely pleased with the new software as well as the results of the production cabinet so far.  A lot of people have helped make it possible!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the final production ReRavePlus cabinets being built at the factory.

ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet 2

Taking it to the next level!


There has been a lot of exciting stuff going on with regards to projects and developments for me lately.  However, one of the most significant is the next generation of ReRave.

As many people have noticed (and commented about) we restarted our focus some time ago on finishing ReRave for Google Android devices after initially announcing it almost 2 years ago.  Why isn’t it done yet?!   well… to keep it from people of course!  We just LOVE all the “so android?” comments and emails begging for status.  We enjoy making people wait!  – no just kidding…  We wanted it to be done long ago – but the extra time has really been a good thing and beneficial to the game.

The main reason for the extra wait has been a combination of constant changes with:

– Devices & OS updates  (which keeps us busy keeping up and redesigning logic)
– Having to support our current platforms and technical support for our users
– New features that we keep discovering and spend time implementing because we think they are needed.

We’ve redesigned the ReRave engine and coded it fresh- from the ground up.  It’s far improved and contains updated logic that we consider “the next generation” for the concept.  In-fact, we’ve decided to differentiate the title from the original by giving it a new name!  (see image above)

How close are we with it?  CLOSE!  – but still a few more things to implement &  fix up before we release it to the public.   We’re still holding off on giving accurate release details because things continue to change.  What we can say is that we’re taking the time to do things right and we expect that people will love the new features and lack of problems associated with rushing.  What about ReRave iOS?  Don’t worry, we’ll also be releasing a new ReRave to iOS shortly after it’s debut on the Android platform.

Anything else?   Yes…  in addition to the above, something else (plus more) that we’re very excited about and can’t wait to share with you.  We think people are going to love it!   What about content and new songs?  Yes…  we are also working on this and continue to license and develop new material.


There is a lot to look forward to with the future of ReRave!  Big thanks to all the fans and dedicated players who support the game and help it continue to build and spread to new regions.  It’s getting better and better and we’re just getting started!

Interview with “Addicted2Apple” about ReRave


I recently got a chance to sit down with iOS enthusiasts Addicted2Apple to talk about ReRave development.  The interview is actually not in English so non Portuguese viewers beware !  🙂
I’d like to thank  Miguel Gonçalves for the interview session.  Be sure to read the article HERE.

ReRave 1.4.0 for Apple iOS released!

ReRave140 Available Now

Thanks to everyone that was patient.  This update took our development team much longer than anticipated due to Apple’s changes with recent iOS structure.  None the less, we got it out and we’re happy with the results.  Much better Raving potential!  🙂  Big THANK YOU to all of our global players who play and continue to support the game the project.
There is more ReRave news on the horizon, so be on the look-out!

Let your fingers do the dancing!
1.4.0 is now available for Apple iOS.
Download it here!

New in ReRave Version 1.4.0 for iOS:

Updated App Icon
Fixed Crashes
Widescreen support for iPhone5
Added arcade style note skin
Extreme improvements to game-play frame rate
Device optimization
Added reminder prompts for “Free Content”
“Song Store” link added to song selection screen
Improved audio synchronization
Updated audio playback system
Upgraded song package format
Fixed typos

ReRave at AMOA 2013

ReRave at AMOA 2013

First day of AMOA 2013 in Las Vegas was a success!  We’ve actually sold some ReRave units (including our floor demo) the first day.  Some new opportunities have also come and we’ll follow-up with a second meeting today to discuss a 2nd international potential that we are very excited about getting involved with.  Looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings for newest rhythm title.