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Pump It Up GX Cabinet for Sale!

It has come time for me to sell my Pump GX Cabinet.  I’ve had many fun memories of Pump during my ITG development from this cabinet and I’m sad to see it go.  Because of Projects and lack of space, I must part with it now.

Here are some pictures of the machine

Machine comes with:

Exceed and NX Software (You can install & play either at anytime)
Nice custom leather padded bars
Excellent quality stage. (many sensors have been replaced)

Please CONTACT ME for additional information or if you are interested in purchasing this machine. (Buyer pays shipping) I will help the buyer with shipping setup if requested…

SCI-Borg – Volume 1 Available NOW!

SCI-Borg - Volume One Cover

SCI Recordings is proud to announce the US release of SCI-Borg – Volume One. The CD features 12 new, unreleased tracks by SCI Recording artists. The 2008 album is now available for purchase, get your copy today!


01) Oscillator X – Dance All Night – 3:08
02) When Machines Dream – Rock Robotic – 3:21
03) Coconut – Ladybug – 2:36
04) When Machines Dream – Epilogue – 2:34
05) Banzai – Zodiac – 3:16
06) When Machines Dream – Cosmic Unconsciousness – 2:29
07) Oscillator X – DJ Superstar – 2:57
08) Inspector K – Liquid Moon(Extended Mix) – 3:34
09) Coconut – Shooting Star – 2:48
10) Summer ~Speedy Mix~ – 3:22
11) KaW – Take Me Back 2007 – 2:54
12) E-Racer – Elder God Shrine – 4:20

Buy CD


(As a note to everyone, the tracks are also now available on Apple iTUNES as of 5/29/2008 – Download it HERE)

SCI Borg – Available for USA purchase soon

Greetings everyone –

I’m happy to make the announcement that the SCI Borg Volume 1 (retail) CD will soon be available for purchase. Naturally, this means that you will be able to purchase your own CD copy or download via Itunes. I’d love to hear your comments about the release! 🙂

Additionally, things have been pretty busy around the studio lately. I’ve been very active with several projects and hope to see them have positive influence in the near future. Naturally, please be sure to check back for all updates.

I’d like to also remind people that new Mp3 releases are being produced and released via the SCI Recordings Store. This is the most convenient way to purchase some of my latest material and I encourage everyone to check it out if you haven’t done so yet. What would you like to see? How many people are interested in the possibility for FLAC downloads?

It is my hope that the SCI Store will make it easier for people to obtain the latest releases the minute they are available from the studios.

More news coming soon!

New 2008 CD release – “SCI Borg Volume 1”

SCI Borg - Volume1 CD image

I’m happy to announce a new CD release! The new “SCI Borg” series will kick things off with 12 hot tracks from the SCI Recordings database. Some of my newer material will also make a first appearance on this album. The special edition CD will first be released at the Positive Gaming concert in March 2008. We look forward to allowing all European attendees the first opportunity to own the album!