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ReRave – A second look & basic gameplay

A video demonstrating the core gameplay and sequence programming of ReRave. ReRave is a “reaction based” game from Step Evolution.

Basic “tap” reaction notes are the highlight of this video. NOTE: ReRave contains several tap “types” and features not yet demonstrated.

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ReRave will be making it’s way to the market in 2011!
ReRave is trademarked and PATENT PENDING.

iDANCE nominated for the 2009 European Innovative Games Award

I’m very pleased to announce that iDANCE was recently nominated for a European Gaming award.  We will find out more details after the awards ceremony in Frankfurt Germany tomorrow! (November 6th 2009)

– Eleven games have been nominated for the European Innovative Games Award (EIGA) 2009, another eight titles compete for three sponsorship awards, worth 5,000 euro each.


Competing for EIGA category “T – Innovative Technology” are “Nintendo DSi” by
Nintendo of Europe, “ICON” by KOMPAN, “CryENGINE 3” by Crytek (all: Germa-
ny), and “Positive Gaming iDANCE” by Positive Gaming AB from Sweden.

More Info can be found at:

iDANCE V2 beta at LIW 2009 – Birmingham, U.K. a success!

I’m very pleased to announce that the first presentation of the new beta of  iDANCE Version 2 was very successful at the Pulse fitness booth in 2009 LIW trade show in Birmingham, U.K.   We were told that Pulse had a record high interest that they’ve EVER had at previous shows.  iDANCE was one of four “Multiplayer dance systems” displayed at the show this year.

iDANCE features a completely new non Stepmania based engine that has been designed by our Positive Gaming team.  LIW 2009 was the first time that many of the new version 2 concepts were shown to the public!

Several players had great things to say about improvements that were made from the original version that premiered a year ago at LIW 2008.  iDANCE 2 will continue to make improvements off the original success of the “Multiplayer” concept that originally was conceptualized by Ole Petter Høie and the Positive Gaming crew years ago.  The idea has continued to expand and seems to be the future (in my mind) for dance game products today.

As many players are aware, Chris Foy and myself have joined the Positive Gaming team to help produce future versions of  iDANCE and promote the future of EXERGAMING.  We’ve both spent more time in Europe than we ever thought possible when we signed on to the project.  (our design work is based out of Europe)  Chris and I look forward to helping promote iDANCE with all of our global distributors in the coming months.  Please continue to check back for news/updates about our travels with iDANCE.

What can players expect in the future?  I can honestly say that I’ve never been so excited about the potential of a new dance game product in the past years.   Chris and I have continued to see a new audience build from our presentations at each event…  We are both incredibly excited about the market potential and future that lies ahead for iDANCE.  I believe this is the beginning of the future of dance games as we know them today.  Never before was it possible to actually play with up to 32 people in such a reliable and user friendly environment.   We are changing the future of dance game products with iDANCE!

I would like to encourage all players that are curious and/or have questions about iDANCE to comment on this posting.  I will do my best to answer your questions (if possible) and give some insight.  Please also be sure to check out some of the pictures and videos that I’ve collected from various sources below!


Day 2 - Songlist Day 2 - More players arrive for the fun! Day 2 - iDance full booth! Day 2 - many people check out iDANCE!