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Kyle Ward – Best of FFR Compilation Album

So, have you always wanted your favorite KaW songs from ITG or FFR to listen to anywhere?  Now is your chance!  SCI Recordings and Flash Flash Revolution are now working together to supply you with all your favorite hits of the past! The first FFR compilation album features 12 of your favorite songs across all of the aliases AND 2 bonus tracks from Oscillator-X.  All yours for $8.99.

Track list:
Banzai – Anubis
Banzai – Zodiac
Inspector K – Disconnected
Inspector K – Infection
Inspector K – Tension
KaW – Kagami
KaW – Take Me Back
KaW vs Smiley vs Inspector K – Duality
K-Bit – Robotix
Smiley – Delirium
Smiley – Destiny
Symphonious – Tell (Extended Mix)
Oscillator-X – Dance All Night
Oscillator-X – Style On My Speed Dial

Flash Flash Revolution users can purchase the album immediately! To activate the token and download your purchase, go to this page.

KaW feat Sam-I-Am – Move It Groove It

Move It Groove It - KaW feat. Sam I Am
This was announced at SCI Recordings recently, but I figured I would also post it here for users of this site.


SCI Recordings is pleased to announce a new KaW single “Move It Groove It” featuring the one and only Sam I Am on vocals. Fans of Pump It Up NX will remember Sam I Am from the popular song Sam I Am & Haley. This new collaboration is featured in the brand new Encore content pack for Pump It Up Pro and is available for listening & download now in the SCI Recordings Store.

Sam and I Hope you enjoy the new track!