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Interview with “Addicted2Apple” about ReRave


I recently got a chance to sit down with iOS enthusiasts Addicted2Apple to talk about ReRave development.  The interview is actually not in English so non Portuguese viewers beware !  🙂
I’d like to thank  Miguel Gonçalves for the interview session.  Be sure to read the article HERE.

ReRave: RePlay Magazine May 2012

This is absolutely my proudest moment with any project. ReRave is featured on the COVER of RePlay Magazine!

ReRave featured in RePlay Magazine May 2012Big thanks to Chris Foy and our HARDWORKING team (and volunteers) ZiGZaG, Sven Magnus, Chris Cotty, Mark Cannon, Jordan Frederick, Jason Bolt, and Coast to Coasts: John Maurer, Gary Balaban, Paul Skroczky & Jenny Dumerve. Thank you for helping make this game a success that is quickly expanding beyond my wildest dreams. Truly an honor for me to have this in my accomplishment archive!


Because of my work schedule with ReRave and Oscillator X it has left me with very little time to maintain this website.  Well… I’m going to try to change that!
Within the next few weeks I hope to finally work on this site and give it a much needed update.  It is my plan to also include more of the  “behind the scenes” of my life (for anyone who cares) so that people can get to know me better and get the inside scoop to things I work on.  Recent emails have indicated that I’m not doing a very good job of keeping people updated with “stuff.”  I’m sorry!  🙂

What does that mean?  I hope to turn this more into a personal reflection of topics and posts that relate to me or various things I work on.
Hoping to include Youtube  links and make an effort to make a weekly post.  More to come…  (hopefully)

Oscillator X’s Believe In You”

Today (Friday June 17th 2011) is the premier of Oscillator X’s new single “Believe In You”.  We’ve worked hard with the recent single to redefine the OSCILLATOR X sound.  Want to hear it?

Be sure to tune into KNHC  “C89.5worldwide” tonight at 5pm PST for the Drive @ 5 with Richard J. Dalton and Harmony Soleil.  You can listen LIVE from anywhere in the world by visiting the site! C89.5 is the USA’s longest running dance station!  If you like the song be sure to let them know about it via twitter/email or a phone call!

ReRave is available now!

The wait is over! – GET IT HERE

is now available in the Apple App Store for a low introductory price of $1.99!   Get it while you can at this price!  🙂  Big thanks to everyone who has supported our projects and we hope you will enjoy it!  Do you have feedback or questions?  Be sure to let us know at We are just getting started and there is more to come!