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Vote For Your Favorite Songs!

I’d like everyone to participate in an exciting new study!  READY?!
Ok, so it’s really just a poll…   🙂

Please participate and tell your friends to cast their votes!  You can choose up to 10 songs from each list.  Vote directly and supply additional comments (if you desire to do so).  Maybe you liked the step(s) concept/style with the music.  If you don’t specify, it is assumed that you appreciate the song for the music/sound.
Thank You to everyone who supplies their input



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Oscillator X – First Album Coming Soon!

As many people have seen, Oscillator X has been very busy in the studio with new releases lately. Because of this, we are very happy to inform everyone that Oscillator X will be releasing the first album by the end of this October month. The CD’s will go to the factory and begin pressing for release in early Nov.

Another wave of good news is that the duos first album has already experienced many pre-orders and interest from outside SCI distributors. We look forward to bringing you more information about the album as soon at it becomes available.

Thank you to all of you who support the music of Oscillator X and the SCI Music Label. Because of you (the worldwide fans), John and I are able to continue doing what we love everyday.