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iDANCE 2 Video released – Coming March @ IHRSA 2010!

After several long months of work for our PG team –  I’m very pleased to share our iDANCE2 video!

If anyone has been waiting for a new “fun” dance title; Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.  Not only does iDANCE2 promise fun, but we have some GREAT licensed music and old favorites that will get you going!

We hope to see you in San Diego for our IHRSA 2010 product launch in cooperation with Gopher Sport.

The future of Multiplayer dance games is upon us!  🙂

iDANCE2 - Logo

Positive Gaming iDANCE2 song list (138):


1,2,3,4,007 – Ni-Ni
A Sad Way – Flat 12
Above The Sky – iRave
Aerial – DJ Azure
Air – Shiki
Angelus I – m00z
Anubis – Banzai
Astrofalcon – Dr. Tanner
Bass Force – Trance Tribe
Behind The Horizon – Daniela Elger
Birdie – Doolittle
Bollywood vs. Hollywood – Xaviaro
Book Of Love – Hit’n’Hide
Boom Digi Da – Bambee
Brother – Sunburn In Cyprus
Bumble Bee – Bambee
Call Of Wilderness – Electron
Can’t Keep It A Secret – Jacinta
Chopstix – Sonic Dimension
Collision – AJ DJ
Come On Come On – Mike McPower
Cowgirl – Bambee
Crocodiles – Cat Jahnke
Dance Electric – Sora
Davno Hotel Skazat – Vospi
Dawn (Perpetual Mix) – KaW
Dependance – Toby Emerson
Destiny – Smiley
Do It My Way – Oscillator X
Don’t Wanna Play Games – Shalaine Mezzo
Dr. Doolittle – Bambee
Dynamo – Oscillator X
Earth – Solid Inc.
Elder God Shrine – E-Racer
Electric Universe – Jacinta
Emilie De Ravin – Digital Explosion
Epic City – The Flying Walrus
Esperanza – KaW
Exotica – Banzai
Fatal Surface – AJ DJ
Fly By The Universe – 2Pro
Full House – AJ DJ
Fuzzy Bell – Alzarus
Groovin’ Motion – Sonic Dimension
Happy Song – Cat Jahnke
Hardcore Of The North – Digital Explosion
Here We Go – Inglow
Hey Hey Hey – Psycho Sonic Cindy
Holiday – Ni-Ni
Honeytrap – Palace of Pleasure
I Forget You – Sara Rumar
In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Digital Explosion
In The Night – Toby Emerson
Incurable II – k-j-K
Infection – Inspector K
Input Output – Neo Cartoon Lover
Jadestar – Shiki
July ~Euromix~ – JS 14
Kagami – KaW
Katana Fighter – Electron
Keep Silent – Flat 12
Kleine – Shiki
Kotiin – G-Powered
Kristina – Mary Jane
Kuuletko – G-Powered
Ladybug – Coconut
Land Of The Lost – Banzai
Lapis – Shiki
Life – Sunburn In Cyprus
Liquid Moon – Inspector K
Liquify – Toby Emerson
Living Without You – Ni-Ni
LMK’s Music Box – Dr. Tanner
Logical Spy – Dr. Tanner
London Bridge – Oscillator X
Love – /DJS\
Love Eternal – When Machines Dream
Medicine – Kim Leoni
Million Feelings – Floren Cristea
Monolith – Affinity
Monstrum – Inglow
Move It Groove It – KaW feat. Sam I Am
My Girls – Shalaine Mezzo
Ninja Lad – KgZ
Not 4 You – Neo Cartoon Lover
Not For Sale – Inglow
Oasis – KaW
Off On You – Sara Rumar
Orpheus & Eurydice – One Drop Does It
Partie Deux – Digital Explosion
Party Hard – Neo Cartoon Lover feat. Daddy Boastin
Party People – Oscillator X
Partyman – Hit’n’Hide
Phantoms – Toby Emerson
Platitude – Onova
Quickdraw – KgZ
Ra – Banzai
Revelations – Andy Tau
Robotix – KBit
Rock Robotic – When Machines Dream
Safety Net – Oscillator X
Sauna J – Palace of Pleasure
See Through Deceptions – One Drop Does It
Server X – The Callahan
Shapes – Gabri
Sharing – Xaviaro
Shooting Star – Coconut
Space Invaders – Hit’n’Hide
Spaceman – Bambee
STOP!&Go – Onyx
String Interference – Alzarus
Summer in Belize -2007- – Digital Explosion
Sunshine – Jacinta
Super Collider – Oscillator X
Sweet Tornado – Vospi
Teen Machine – Jeremiah
Tell – Symphonius
The Dream – G-Powered
The Message – Oscillator X
Tribal Style – KaW
Turhaa – G-Powered
Twilight – KaW
Utopia – Smiley
Vae Victis – When Machines Dream
Ville Hester – Palace of Pleasure
Virtual Emotion – Inspector K
Waking up – Milow
Wave Rip – KgZ
We Met Dat Night – Vospi
Welcome To Funland – Dr. Tanner
When You’re Gone – Neo Cartoon Lover
Who – KaW
Wishing Well – AJ DJ
With You – G-Powered
Xuxa – Smiley
Y2Z – Affinity
You Promised Me – In-Grid
Zodiac – Banzai

Exergame Fitness & iDANCE at Club Industry 2009 a success!

I’m happy to report that the second showing of iDANCE (version 2 beta) was very successful at the Club Industry show in Chicago IL last week.  We are proud to be working with Exergame Fitness and their outstanding distribution team.  Fun times were had by all at booth 1229!

FACTS about the new iDANCE system taken from

iDANCE Version 2 Features

  • New easy to understand target region – Reworked for better understanding of the iDANCE star rating system. Easy for new players to know when to step and what the star ratings represent.
  • New Music – (36 songs in the beta and V2 is planning to ship with up to 50 new songs) (Pop favorites and custom designed music for dance steps)
  • Redesigned Graphical User Interface with high contrast. Improved graphics!
  • Teacher/Instructor friendly tools – Pause / Rewind / Fast forward / Assist Tick + Metronome – (On screen feedback from use): For use during game play
  • New Results screen – Reworked ranking list and player statistics.
  • New team based mode. (Pad 1-4 A team vs pad B 4-8 team etc)
  • Updated Step Charts. Difficulties reworked for new players.
  • 5 Universal colors for each level, difficulty level names (Easy-Normal-Hard-Expert-Master – Difficulties indicator numbers enlarged )
  • Player Tracking (in depth progress + statistics for players)
  • Same hardware + pads used with version 1.
  • Version 2 software is a free upgrade for all owners of version 1 (from September 2009 and on)

iDANCE was the highlight multiplayer dance system from the 2009 Club Industry show.  Even our competitors (BluFit, by Cobalt Flux) came over to play on our new iDANCE  software and enjoy the fun that our dance team was having everyday.  Our iDANCE system relies on a single universal display for realtime feedback for up to 32 players.   Spectators enjoyed many of the new version 2 features and our iDANCE pads were packed during most of the show!  (new players as well as experienced dance game players!)

Thank you goes out to all the players & spectators who came and had fun with us during the show.  We all had a blast!

iDANCE continues it’s success at every show and I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the team that is helping distribute the most advanced dance game product ever made.  Be on the lookout for an iDANCE system coming to an area near you soon!

iDANCE V2 beta at LIW 2009 – Birmingham, U.K. a success!

I’m very pleased to announce that the first presentation of the new beta of  iDANCE Version 2 was very successful at the Pulse fitness booth in 2009 LIW trade show in Birmingham, U.K.   We were told that Pulse had a record high interest that they’ve EVER had at previous shows.  iDANCE was one of four “Multiplayer dance systems” displayed at the show this year.

iDANCE features a completely new non Stepmania based engine that has been designed by our Positive Gaming team.  LIW 2009 was the first time that many of the new version 2 concepts were shown to the public!

Several players had great things to say about improvements that were made from the original version that premiered a year ago at LIW 2008.  iDANCE 2 will continue to make improvements off the original success of the “Multiplayer” concept that originally was conceptualized by Ole Petter Høie and the Positive Gaming crew years ago.  The idea has continued to expand and seems to be the future (in my mind) for dance game products today.

As many players are aware, Chris Foy and myself have joined the Positive Gaming team to help produce future versions of  iDANCE and promote the future of EXERGAMING.  We’ve both spent more time in Europe than we ever thought possible when we signed on to the project.  (our design work is based out of Europe)  Chris and I look forward to helping promote iDANCE with all of our global distributors in the coming months.  Please continue to check back for news/updates about our travels with iDANCE.

What can players expect in the future?  I can honestly say that I’ve never been so excited about the potential of a new dance game product in the past years.   Chris and I have continued to see a new audience build from our presentations at each event…  We are both incredibly excited about the market potential and future that lies ahead for iDANCE.  I believe this is the beginning of the future of dance games as we know them today.  Never before was it possible to actually play with up to 32 people in such a reliable and user friendly environment.   We are changing the future of dance game products with iDANCE!

I would like to encourage all players that are curious and/or have questions about iDANCE to comment on this posting.  I will do my best to answer your questions (if possible) and give some insight.  Please also be sure to check out some of the pictures and videos that I’ve collected from various sources below!


Day 2 - Songlist Day 2 - More players arrive for the fun! Day 2 - iDance full booth! Day 2 - many people check out iDANCE!