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Getting to the finish line with ReRavePlus!

I’m very excited about the response with #ReRavePlus so far.  It’s really turning out to be worth the long wait that never seems to end.  The android port continues to go well – I’m as eager as anyone to see it finally complete!   The entire foundation of ReRave Plus has since been redesigned since the initial launch of the concept in March 2011.  I’m extremely pleased with the new software as well as the results of the production cabinet so far.  A lot of people have helped make it possible!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the final production ReRavePlus cabinets being built at the factory.

ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet ReRavePlus - Production Cabinet 2

Interview with “Addicted2Apple” about ReRave


I recently got a chance to sit down with iOS enthusiasts Addicted2Apple to talk about ReRave development.  The interview is actually not in English so non Portuguese viewers beware !  🙂
I’d like to thank  Miguel Gonçalves for the interview session.  Be sure to read the article HERE.

ReRave: RePlay Magazine May 2012

This is absolutely my proudest moment with any project. ReRave is featured on the COVER of RePlay Magazine!

ReRave featured in RePlay Magazine May 2012Big thanks to Chris Foy and our HARDWORKING team (and volunteers) ZiGZaG, Sven Magnus, Chris Cotty, Mark Cannon, Jordan Frederick, Jason Bolt, and Coast to Coasts: John Maurer, Gary Balaban, Paul Skroczky & Jenny Dumerve. Thank you for helping make this game a success that is quickly expanding beyond my wildest dreams. Truly an honor for me to have this in my accomplishment archive!

ReRave reaches #1 iPAD music game in Japan!

ReRave is off to a great start!  In just a week of time we’ve already achieved what was never thought possible.  You can get the game HERE

ReRave has reached number 1 Music Game iPAD status on the Apple App store in Japan and is currently 4th grossing Music game.  (as of 3/26/2011)

ReRave is being featured in 3 different categories: Games (overall) , Games (Music) , Games (Top Paid)

This is actually a very outstanding accomplishment to have in almost 1 week after the game release.  We have OVER 2,000 registered users in Game Center! The release continues to build as we share excitement from our past involvement with In The Groove, Pump It Up Pro, and Positive Gaming iDance2.  We never thought we’d see the day of success in Japan.  It’s a great feeling to see and a reminder that hard work does pay off.  WOOOOO!

In addition to the Japanese success we’ve accomplished other notable charts such as #1 iPAD in USA and even top grossing in other countries.  All of these small successes continue to build and help spark our development in both Amusement and Android platforms that we hope to announce at a later date.  We hope to have more advancement in these areas soon and will keep everyone updated.  Big thanks to all of our friends and family who have supported us along the way with this HUGE project.  It’s nice to see the world starting to respond so well!

We look forward to the future of ReRave.

ReRave 2011 – Available soon!

Thank you to everyone for the continued support of ReRave .
Unfortunately, we’ve experience a small delay with our initial MARCH 10th release date because of final listing logistics.  The game was completed on schedule and we’ve been notified that Apple will finalize the listing process very soon.
We are doing everything possible to get the game listed and obtainable ASAP.  Luckily we took quality time with bug smashing!  (thanks to our awesome beta team!)
Keep an eye out for the app to make an appearance in the Apple App store soon and thank you to all who helped us celebrate at our local release party on March 12th.

Please continue to check back for updates and thank you for continuing to be patient.  ReRave will be worth the wait!