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ReRave is available now!

The wait is over! – GET IT HERE

is now available in the Apple App Store for a low introductory price of $1.99!   Get it while you can at this price!  🙂  Big thanks to everyone who has supported our projects and we hope you will enjoy it!  Do you have feedback or questions?  Be sure to let us know at We are just getting started and there is more to come!

ReRave 2011 – Available soon!

Thank you to everyone for the continued support of ReRave .
Unfortunately, we’ve experience a small delay with our initial MARCH 10th release date because of final listing logistics.  The game was completed on schedule and we’ve been notified that Apple will finalize the listing process very soon.
We are doing everything possible to get the game listed and obtainable ASAP.  Luckily we took quality time with bug smashing!  (thanks to our awesome beta team!)
Keep an eye out for the app to make an appearance in the Apple App store soon and thank you to all who helped us celebrate at our local release party on March 12th.

Please continue to check back for updates and thank you for continuing to be patient.  ReRave will be worth the wait!

New Music added to ReRave Weekly!

Development continues with ReRave in the 2011 year.  Our team is back to work and it’s hard to believe we are just WEEKS away from having our first internal betas of ReRave.  ReRave will make it’s first appearance on iOS devices and will be Step Evolutions first release of several other platforms to follow.  The iOS release of the game is projected for the 1st quarter of 2011.   We appear to still be on schedule!

ReRave Alpha - titlescreen

New music is being added weekly!  Be sure to keep an eye out on for updates and new arrivals. Leave us your comments, suggestions, hate messages, and everything else!  Are you following us on facebook or twitter yet?!   

We continue to get emails, facebook messages and contacts from people  all over the world concerning ReRave.  It seems that people are as excited as we are!  Big thanks to everyone for their support and being a part of the next evolution in reaction games.  Haters beware…  ReRave will be released and we aren’t stopping production for the small negative comments that we see!

Do you have comments, questions or concerns?  Don’t be afraid to leave them for us!  We’ll do our best to respond when we can!

We look “FOYWARD”   to providing you with something new to enjoy in the 2011 year. has been launched

rerave launched today on December 6th, 2010!
On the website users will find the latest news, updates, and events regarding all ReRave products. Stay tuned for further development progress, additional song list info, and videos.ABOUT: Never heard of ReRave? Check out the “About” menu for a brief description, or drop by the “Media” section for a sneak peak at our step version alpha in progress. This demonstrates ReRave in a exergame application.

MUSIC: Get a sneak peak into part of the ReRave song list by streaming songs from the “Music” section. Both licensed music and specially designed songs for ReRave are ready for you to listen to and updated constantly. While we won’t show you all of the songs just yet, new songs will be featured here throughout the life of ReRave. You don’t want to miss out on what’s coming next!

SCORES: Coming Soon – Users from all over the globe can visit the scores section of to see how they rank against others. Updated live and daily linking all ReRave users of all platforms together.


ReRave – “This is The Beginning”


The past months have been a great excitement.  As you may have seen from various “hints”, we are hard at work on a brand new video game project.  Several of you may be familiar with our involvement in past projects such as:  In The Groove series, Pump It Up Pro1,  iDANCE2 and others.  You (the players) have kept us going over the years and we are excited to reveal our new creation to you very soon.  We are still quite some time from completion, but we won’t keep you in the dark!

Why is it so cool? : ReRave is absolutely a first of it’s kind.  After all the years that we’ve been involved with interactive reaction games, this new concept is very evolutionary.  We’ve learned A LOT about reaction games over the years and you (the players) will also be the ones to experience our evolution.

What is it?  What will it be for?  : This is a brand new series of products.  What does that mean?  It is PATENT PENDING and has been through months of legal research.  We’ve done our homework from the start and you will see why!

Is it Stepmania based? : No, ReRave doesn’t contain a single element from the stepmania engine.  It is being constructed from scratch!

More information is on the way, but for now:  Have a look at our TRADEMARK located here.  We look forward to providing players with something new by strengthening the community and providing tournaments & events in the future.