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Smiley is BACK!

After 4 years of hiatus – Smiley is BACK with a brand new “HAPPY HARDCORE” 2010 sound that you’re sure to love! I’m happy to present the newest track “SMILEY – PARADISE


It certainly feels good to return to my roots and startup production on many of my old projects again…  I think some tears might have been shed at some point during this production because of old memories.

I hope you enjoy the new sound of SMILEY and look forward to the new productions coming soon.  There is much more to come and I believe my followers will be pleasantly surprised!  Thanks for supporting my music!

New 2009 Banzai song has been released! : Land of The Lost

After 2 years of silence, Banzai is back with a new styled ethnic theme.

“Land Of The Lost” has been released and is now available at SCI Recordings.  Get a copy of the new 2009 single and show your support for Banzai today!

Download the song NOW!

Banzai In The Jungle Logo

Banzai is back!

After all the countless contacts & emails I’ve been receiving from loyal music fans; I’m happy to announce that new singles are in the works!  Banzai is back with a brand new ethnic theme called “Land of the Lost”.  Will we see the original demo of Enigma surface soon?  I think so!

Because of the recent success of iDANCE and Oscillator X, solo studio time continues to be difficult to schedule.  However, do not fear because  you’re comments have been heard.  You will see new releases in the next few months by the familiar alias projects!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my music productions and and keeping me doing what I love.  I could not possibly thank all of the people who have helped contribute to to my musical inspirations and project decisions over the years.   I look forward to releasing new tunes and continuing to share them with you all.  Cheers!  ~Kyle

Banzai - EP Cover

Banzai – Land of the Lost (lofi) preview