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ReRave reaches #1 iPAD music game in Japan!

ReRave is off to a great start!  In just a week of time we’ve already achieved what was never thought possible.  You can get the game HERE

ReRave has reached number 1 Music Game iPAD status on the Apple App store in Japan and is currently 4th grossing Music game.  (as of 3/26/2011)

ReRave is being featured in 3 different categories: Games (overall) , Games (Music) , Games (Top Paid)

This is actually a very outstanding accomplishment to have in almost 1 week after the game release.  We have OVER 2,000 registered users in Game Center! The release continues to build as we share excitement from our past involvement with In The Groove, Pump It Up Pro, and Positive Gaming iDance2.  We never thought we’d see the day of success in Japan.  It’s a great feeling to see and a reminder that hard work does pay off.  WOOOOO!

In addition to the Japanese success we’ve accomplished other notable charts such as #1 iPAD in USA and even top grossing in other countries.  All of these small successes continue to build and help spark our development in both Amusement and Android platforms that we hope to announce at a later date.  We hope to have more advancement in these areas soon and will keep everyone updated.  Big thanks to all of our friends and family who have supported us along the way with this HUGE project.  It’s nice to see the world starting to respond so well!

We look forward to the future of ReRave.

ReRave is available now!

The wait is over! – GET IT HERE

is now available in the Apple App Store for a low introductory price of $1.99!   Get it while you can at this price!  🙂  Big thanks to everyone who has supported our projects and we hope you will enjoy it!  Do you have feedback or questions?  Be sure to let us know at We are just getting started and there is more to come!

ReRave coming to iOS March 10th 2011

ReRave iOS

We are very pleased to announce that the wait is almost over for the future of reaction-based entertainment!  ReRave will be released March 10th 2011 for the Apple iOS.  The game will be available as an iOS “universal app” that will be compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Performance will likely vary by model, but we are doing our best to make it compatible for a wide range of devices.  Additionally, All ReRave users will be able to compete daily for the top score on our exclusive ReRave network.  Do you think you have what it takes to be the best ReRave player in the World?

“Beta Testing” will soon commence as we wrap up our development schedule in late February 2011.  What is next for ReRave?  We have plans to explore an Android port and will immediately focus on the future of our amusement platforms following our mobile releases.  Please continue to watch the ReRave website and facebook page for any updates.  Do you have feedback or inquiries about ReRave?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Get ready to REACT to future of ReRave!

ReRave – A second look & basic gameplay

A video demonstrating the core gameplay and sequence programming of ReRave. ReRave is a “reaction based” game from Step Evolution.

Basic “tap” reaction notes are the highlight of this video. NOTE: ReRave contains several tap “types” and features not yet demonstrated.

Please feel free to contact us via our website ( or facebook page ( We love to hear your comments!

ReRave will be making it’s way to the market in 2011!
ReRave is trademarked and PATENT PENDING. has been launched

rerave launched today on December 6th, 2010!
On the website users will find the latest news, updates, and events regarding all ReRave products. Stay tuned for further development progress, additional song list info, and videos.ABOUT: Never heard of ReRave? Check out the “About” menu for a brief description, or drop by the “Media” section for a sneak peak at our step version alpha in progress. This demonstrates ReRave in a exergame application.

MUSIC: Get a sneak peak into part of the ReRave song list by streaming songs from the “Music” section. Both licensed music and specially designed songs for ReRave are ready for you to listen to and updated constantly. While we won’t show you all of the songs just yet, new songs will be featured here throughout the life of ReRave. You don’t want to miss out on what’s coming next!

SCORES: Coming Soon – Users from all over the globe can visit the scores section of to see how they rank against others. Updated live and daily linking all ReRave users of all platforms together.