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Returning to Dance Games!

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2016 is the year that I return to dance game development once again. What was once never thought possible is happening.
Step Revolution’s new dance platform took over 9 months of development which tested multiple things like piezo, strain gauge and optical technologies. It’s also extremely compact, durable and practically bulletproof.
No dance pad technology from the last 10 years compares to how this operates. You can say good bye to brackets, switches and traditional metal contacts!

I can promise that players will be amazed at all the capabilities and versatility with the design once it is known – which also relates to how it can be used and with what.
You can look forward to this and much more coming in 2016!

Vote For Your Favorite Songs!

I’d like everyone to participate in an exciting new study!  READY?!
Ok, so it’s really just a poll…   🙂

Please participate and tell your friends to cast their votes!  You can choose up to 10 songs from each list.  Vote directly and supply additional comments (if you desire to do so).  Maybe you liked the step(s) concept/style with the music.  If you don’t specify, it is assumed that you appreciate the song for the music/sound.
Thank You to everyone who supplies their input



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Oscillator X – The Neon Underground

Oscilator X Rune Logo
The Oscillator X team has been hard at work in the studio lately.  Our new single is a familiar tune known as “The Neon Underground”.  The new version has been completely re-recorded and re-arranged in that familiar Oscillator X dance style. “The Neon Underground” was written about the underground dance clubs that the duo used to frequent a number of years back and is an homage to the music and styles of that scene.

We hope that you enjoy the song as much as we did making it. The song is available as a 320k, DRM – free, MP3 download in the SCI Recordings Store now.

The Neon Underground song icon

New Pump Pro Website

We’ve recently upgraded Pump It Up Pro’s website.  We hope this new interface will help improve the support system for owners who have purchased a Pump Pro Machine. You can see it live HERE

In addition to this site, we are also in the process of setting up a player “wiki” so that players can enter information about Pump Pro and help other community members with information about PIU Pro.

PIU Pro 2008 Las Vegas Tournament Aftermath

The first annual PIU Pro tournament was held in Las Vegas on September 13 at the Las Vegas Marriot.

The tournament followed the AMOA trade show and was ran in our new “Iron Man” format.  The tournament tested skills in all aspects of Pump Pro game play. The competition was fierce and a big congratulation goes out to all of the competitors. The final results were as follows:

1. JBoy – 465pts
2. starfalcon176 / Sean – 410pts
3. Kilroy / Zachary – 376pts
4. Ruzy / Kyle – 325pts
5. s34n / Sean – 289pts
6. Xero / Michael – 259pts
7. Jeremy – 247pts
8. ddrm / Matt – 238pts
9. Jeremy Ca$h – 218pts
10. Alex – 205pts
11. JOKR / Aleta – 188pts
12. Danny – 177pts
13. Boo / Kristina – 157pts
14. VivaR32skylines / Gordon – 146pts
15. Stabbie – 111pts

Pump Pro Tournament winners
Las Vegas Group Photo

Here is some lovely video of “warmup” captured by s43n.  Enjoy!  🙂

Thank you to everyone who attended!